A traditional Russian proverb that became popular during the Reagan administration was “Trust but Verify.”  It was part of the change journey that helped end the Cold War.  The adoption of digital payments or cryptocurrencies has possibly been the slowest of the Internet Age.  This was probably due to the lack of a simple, consumer oriented way to verify trust. Fortunately Washington has historically been the exception.  The state leads the way in creation of trust for modern payment technologies. Amazon, arguably, made online commerce an every day occurrence. Amazon’s 2013 revenues were $74,500,000,000, more than the next nine competitors combined.  Costco, a more traditional Washington based retailer generated $3,000,000,000 in 2014 ecommerce sales.

One of the most exciting things entrepreneurs and forward thinking enterprises do is to launch something new. A new product or service introduction can dramatically change an organization. It’s not just the revenue reward; it’s an opportunity to grow your organization in many dimensions. 

This is not a plea for another remake of the adaptation of the battle of Thermopylae in 480 B.C. of King Leonidas against the Persians. It’s a response to the many business leaders and entrepreneurs who have asked me about blogging. It’s a social experiment to help YOU get your voice heard.

Awareness of the ongoing erosion of personal and corporate privacy is on the rise. High-profile hacks at Target, Home Depot, JP Morgan and concerns over NSA intrusions and interceptions seem to make the news several times a week. With another Black Friday approaching for Retailers, concerns over the amount and frequency of data leakage are top of mind. These are the active attacks on your privacy. Passive attacks in the form of data that is broadcast by our interaction withsocial media and our digital presence is the New Normal of today’s always-on world. It is extensive and readily mineable by anyone with an Internet connection.

It's been said in many time and many ways, "things come in threes." People tend to remember them most in speeches or as familiar sayings, committed to memory and thus "comfortable." "Morning, noon and night," "Blood, sweat and tears," "Friends, Romans, Countrymen..." IT Security, which seems to make a new headline every week is driven by:
  • Something you have (a id token)
  • Something you know (a password)
  • Something you are (a fingerprint) 

Are you SMART?

Every year millions of people receive performance appraisals and feedback related to their work. When that feedback is given there is always a question of​relevancy. How do the Appraiser and the Appraise know if they have the same goals in mind when measuring performance?

If people were motors it would be easy. You could measure the number of times the person revolves per minute and make some other basic calculations. It would be simplerepeatable and easy to explain.

Mt. Gox is likely no more. The company has filed for bankruptcy protection after “losing” approximately 850,000 BitCoins at a current market value of  $473,000,000 USD (Mt. Gox Files for Bankruptcy Protection – Wall Street Journal).  With his headquarters in Tokyo, Mt. Gox owner Mark Karpelès offered a mild apology but chose not to slit his own belly as a native Japanese CEO might.

LinkedIn is considered one of the premier social networking tools for business. One of the recent enhancements allows users to create a list of skills.  Those skills are very broad and you can develop a list of up to 50 personal skills. The skills are placed on the users profile page.  Skills may be used for search or categorizing like users (e.g., all Accountants).Thought

Fix Your Social IdentityA lost or stolen identity for a person is traumatic and costly.  For organizations the loss of identity creates market doubt and financial disaster, potentially affecting thousands of lives.  Today's business is much more than a brand or logo.  Social identity defines who you are, your credibility and the ability for people (potentially billions) to connect to you both literally and figuratively. However Social Identity is not brand, it's actually broader and more powerful.

iStock_lemonglassXSmallGo ahead and chuckle.  The title was meant to draw attention and give you a bit of a smile. :)


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